Innovative audio design made in Italy

Innovative audio design
made in Italy
our vision
After a long time of is life, the classic turntable sees a new concept of sense. An idea of the turntable among technical evolution that re-think the way how the resonance and vibrations affect the sound. Mezzoforte Audio researches accomplished a technology based on controlled magnetism that allowed the plate to be isolated from the rest of the structure, subsequently benefits from a wonderfully resonance-free between the two parts of the elements.
The research

We have made long research about magnetism with the specific characteristics and we found extraordinary multi-polar magnets that lead absolute stability and empowered us to control the space, tolerances and inertia to provide a fulfilling musical experience.

the emotion

This is the moment where high technology experimentation fits the classic of the turntable but this, in the end, is the nature of Mezzoforte Audio, digital mind and an analogue soul for a catch-all the emotions of the good music.

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